Sell & export african goods

Sell your products to buyers on the African Trade Platform. Registration is totally free of charge. Simply register, verify and sell.

We have buyers from all over Africa, the United States and the world looking to buy goods on our platform today. our buyers are verified and qualified before they contact you with their offers. 

We help you with listing your products and optimising the key information that buyers want to see. Every time a product is listed, we notify our buyers already waiting on new listings.


Furthermore, ATP will link you with crucial service providers should your deal require logistics, trade finance or other trade services solutions.

Who is a supplier

A supplier is defined as any company or individual who owns the goods or products that they are selling.

Does my location affect my ability to sell my goods?

It does not matter where your product is situated, generally, we invite sellers and suppliers from anywhere in Africa and overseas to list their products for sell.

Which products can I sell on ATP?

All legally traded products are welcome. Absolutely no illegal products will be tolerated. That being said, we advise all sellers that niche and low low-volume products will be more challenging to match and sell than large-volume goods.

Is there a minimum volume I can sell?

There are no volume limitations to how much you can sell. Buyers in the market have different preferences regarding the volumes they are looking for. They will typically indicate what volumes they are willing to purchase. For example, a maize trader in South Africa may require 100 000 tonnes per month and therefore will not look at a bid of only 500kg as the logistics would not make sense. Whereas a local processor may be happy to buy a smaller quantity.

Am I guaranteed to find buyers or finance?

No, there is no guarantee that a transaction will take place. ATP matches trade players (buyers and sellers or access to financiers) to a set of specific requirements and specifications. Even if a seller and buyer are a perfect match external events outside of ATP can still limit a trade from taking place.

What happens if my price is too high?

The selling price or price guide for your product is at your own discretion. You will most likely not sell your product if your price is higher than buyers are willing to pay. You will, therefore, not successfully match with buyers in the marketplace. To help you price your product correctly and competitively, ATP will notify you of bids and repriced offers by various participants interested in your goods.

How and when do I get paid for selling my goods on ATP?

ATP has an e-wallet facility for our members. These are essentially escrow accounts where all deal transactions and funds are conducted for the safety of both buyers and sellers. Alternatively, payments may also depend on the terms you (the seller) will agree with the buyer. If the buyer is only willing to pay in ie 30,60,90,120 days then trade finance is available via the platform. The trade finance option follows a process whereby each transaction is viewed separately and approved/denied at the discretion of the trade finance institution.

What currency should I use to quote?

ATP uses United States Dollars.
All buyers and sellers including logistics providers, investors and financiers will quote are to use $US.

How do I apply for finance if the trade terms are 30, 60, 90, 120 or 180 days?

If you get a buyer who will only pay on delivery, you (the seller) can apply for the trade finance from inside ATP. Your trade finance deal details, classification and specifics will then be shared and matched with finance institutions on ATP from around the world. We will share successful options with you to decide on your preferred deal.

What happens if my company is not ready - in terms of compliance?

Different products have different export requirements. African Trade Platform will work with you, guiding you to becoming a fully compliant and active exporter. We also have a wealth of information and tools on this website to help you get up to speed quickly with key activities that you can undertake to trade successfully.

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