Buy quality goods from verified suppliers on the African Trade Platform. Browse through hundreds of certified products available today.

We have sellers, producers, mining companies and manufacturers from all over Africa, the United States and around the world. All products on the African Trade Platform are verified to be from reputable suppliers. Register and start trading today.

ATP has been linking buyers and sellers to the tune of millions of US dollars successfully and will continue to do so to the benefit of global buyers looking for quality goods. Furthermore, we extended our service by linkages to trade finance providers, or logistics companies and investment opportunities.


Browse through our verified list of available goods from Africa, and the United States for purchase. If you do not find the goods you require, you can upload your product specs, volume, preferred location and ideal straight from within the platform and let our platform do its work for you.

Who is a buyer?

A buyer is any company or individual who is paying for the goods that they are purchasing.

Does my location affect my ability to buy goods?

It does not matter where your product is situated. All buyers and importers from anywhere in Africa and overseas can purchase and trade on ATP.

Which products can I buy on ATP?

You can buy any listed or legally traded goods on ATP. Absolutely no illegal products will be tolerated.

Is there a volume floor or ceiling?

There are no volume limitations to how much you can buy. You can bid to buy either the full consignment or part or the volumes a seller has put up for sale.

Am I guaranteed to find sellers or finance?

ATP matches trade players (buyers and sellers or access to financiers) to a set of specific requirements and specifications. Even if a seller and buyer or financier are a perfect match external events outside of ATP can still limit a trade from taking place. No, there is no guarantee that any transaction will take place.

What happens if my buying price or offer is too low?

The offer you bid for goods is at your own discretion. The seller is also free to accept or reject this. If your buying price is too low, you will not successfully match with buyers in the marketplace. To help you price your offer correctly and competitively, ATP will notify you of seller responses and counter-offers.

How do I know that the product is legitimate?

African Trade Platform’s highly rated service offering hinges on our ability to verify and qualify goods and sellers before presenting them to buyers and listing them as available goods to purchase on our platform. We work hard to ensure that the correct description, classification, specifications and volumes are verified to protect our buyers.

What currency should I use to offer my bid?

ATP uses United States Dollars.
All buyers and sellers including logistics providers, investors and financiers will quote are to use $US.

Can I apply for finance if I cannot pay upfront?

If is not willing to give payment terms, you (the buyer) can apply for trade finance from inside ATP. Your trade finance deal details, classification and specifics will then be shared and matched with finance institutions on ATP from around the world. We will share successful options with you to decide on your preferred deal.

What happens if my company is not ready - in terms of compliance?

Different products have different import requirements. African Trade Platform will work with you, guiding you to becoming a fully compliant and active importer. We also have a wealth of information and tools on this website to help you get up to speed quickly with key activities that you can undertake to trade successfully.

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