US Vice President Kamala Harris visits Africa

US Vice President Kamala Harris visits Africa


March 25, 2023

US Vice President, Kamala Harris, starts this Saturday a week-long trip to Africa in what is being seen as the latest attempt at counterbalancing China’s influence. Vice President Harris is expected to visit Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia as she focuses on economic development, climate change, food security and a rising youth population


Harris plans to visit a recording studio and meet with women entrepreneurs in Accra, and then stop by a tech incubator in Dar es Salaam.

In Lusaka, Zambia’s capital, Harris is expected to meet with business and philanthropic leaders to talk about expanding access to digital and financial systems.


“She’s going to give a major speech in the capital of Ghana and also engage with a lot of young people in the country. She’s focused a lot on the rising youth generation in Africa. The median age in the continent is only 19 years old and roughly half of the world’s population growth is going to happen in Africa over the next several decades, which is just an enormous potential for the region. When she gets to Tanzania, she’ll be meeting with the country’s first woman president. And that’s a place where the country’s trying to solidify its democracy and try to institute some governing reforms. So we should expect her to highlight some of that as well. And then on to Zambia, where there will be more talk about entrepreneurship, food security, other issues that kind of have dominated conversations in Africa“, explained Chris Megerian, Associated Press White House Reporter.



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